Make website performance your growth driver!

We develop and deliver digital performance optimization solutions worldwide with a high impact on UX and conversion rate. We turn to big companies, top agencies and professionals in the sector. 


Aritmetika has a high level of tech know-how and with a proprietary technological infrastructure with a strong international presence and network.

Our products based on artificial intelligence, know-how and proprietary networks are modular, scalable and tailored to the needs of each organization in search of significant improvements in the performance and operating standards of digital properties.

Our solutions are the result of continuous work and research at an international and technological level.

We created iSmartFrame, a modular and incremental platform aimed at solving the performance and positioning problems of the websites and e-commerce.

We can reach and distributes resources locally across proximity nodes significantly stabilize the performance of the website at the highest level, saving precious time. 

iSmartFrame Engine, Core Web Vitals automatically fixed for maximum web performance

It is the technological heart of iSmartFrame Full Stack and is the only product on the market capable of optimizing the Core Web Vitals in real-time and automatically, thanks to continuous updates based on the Google algorithm. Developed with advanced AI algorithms and proprietary know-how, iSmartFrame Engine optimizes, automates and standardizes the digital properties of companies across their entire network, constantly ensuring maximum performance and quality UX for each type of site.It is the ideal partner for technical SEO professionals.

Key People

Guglielmo Fiocchi

Guglielmo Fiocchi

Investor and member of board of directors

“We believe that the technologies available today – fast networks, Big data, Artificial intelligence and automation – must allow those who want to grow, to do so with the right tools, easily and with measurable results: this is why we have created them”.


Sergio Araujo

Sergio Araujo

business partner latin america

“Speed and the ability to exploit data
are today the decisive factors of competition
for every type
of company,
in every business
and in every part
of the world”.


Michael Schwöbel

Michael Schwöbel

business partner central europe

“Our job is to find
solutions that help
bringing together
the wishes of the user
and those of the site owners,
offering a user experience
that creates
value for everyone”.


Top Groups


Alongside the big companies in every market

To better support our top international clients in their growth strategies in local markets and accelerate the global distribution of iSmartFrame Full Stack, we are ready to develop collaborations with highly qualified digital marketing and SEO agencies in all countries of the world, which support us as technological and business partners. Together, thanks to the multiple customization possibilities of iSmartFrame Full Stack, we can help large companies and e-commerce to improve their digital performance.


News, studies and research on the world of Business Performance. Aimed at managers and staff of companies interested in the growth potential that Digital offers.

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User experience: why it is increasingly crucial for the success of an e-commerce

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Making Money? It Only Takes a Tenth of a Second

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