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Optimize Google Core Web Vitals

With the Core Web Vitals the performance of the site, i.e. the speed and its real user experience become crucial factors to conquer the first positions. The factors at play on the technical side that influence the Vitals, as you can imagine, are innumerable, as well as the technical problems that most of the sites suffer from.

Distribute optimized content locally

An effective SEO strategy that really wants to affect performance and bring tangible results, cannot ignore the optimization of all resources. It is not enough to bring images and JS closer to the user, it is also necessary to include HTML and CSS and optimize all possible resources.

Improve the User Experience

The amount of time a user is willing to wait before there is a bad impact on UX is 1s. Speed ​​is mistakenly the most neglected element by site owners: Improving the UX, in addition to having increasingly important effects on traffic, also greatly increases the chances that users will stay on the website and make a conversion. 

Improve organic ranking

In the medium to long term, being well placed for the most important research in the sector is a crucial factor, significantly affecting the economic digital sustainability and success of a business. Nowadays, one of the fundamental prerequisites to ensure that a site is well placed organically is especially performance.

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