Data Centers distributed in Europe and North America on the major cloud providers

Microsoft, OVH, AWS (3 national locations: London, Paris, Milan and more than 100 nodes distributed across the world)

Multi CDN

Azure, Cloudflare, CloudFront, StackPath, CDN77, Akamai, Google

Dashboard with Web and Mobile GPSI, Bandwidth usage, Number of Requests and Download (origin,iSmartFrame)

From the dashboard you can monitor the bandwidth of content transmitted by iSmartFrame, the number of requests served by iSmartFrame and compare the download times of the CMS origin page with the one optimized by iSmartFrame

Management of DNS access balancers and traffic share routing on iSmartFrame Data Centers

Management of DNS access balancers and traffic share routing on iSmartFrame Data Centers


Everything is simple with iSmartFrame, especially the installation.

iSmartFrame is a plug and play solution, therefore it does not interact with the current infrastructure. This allows for simplified integration with different technology platforms¹ .
From the start of the project it takes only 48h for the system to be active on the client’s network and produce the first results.

¹ iSmartFrame can be implemented as SSL endpoint or can be ended by a CDN/WAF, while it cannot be integrated where there are walled gardens that do not allow changes to the delivery chain (i.e., Shopify)

Safety and certifications

The following measures are applied in order to ensure high levels of service reliability and security in the processing of personal data:

  • High availability and multi Data Center architecture
  • Usage of Proprietary Nameserver to manage the DC access IP classes and their usage
  • Cryptography protocols are applied throughout the delivery network and between DC.
  • Intrusion detection audits performed by third-party companies every 6 months .
  • No user navigation tracing or cookie usage policies are implemented
  • All the access to the platform uses 2FA (two-factor authentication)
  • All our services are GDPR Compliant
  • It is possible to define the locations of the Data Centers used to provide iSmartFrame services.
  • Check tecnico
  • Original: All the platform accesses are done through 2FA

The software house that developed iSmartFrame is ISO27001 certified with the certificate number 50017 Certiquality with first issue date 17/12/2019 and expiry date 16/12/2022.

What performance results can you expect?

Immediate performance results on multiple levels

Faster website loading speed

As soon as it is installed, iSmartFrame will boost the website speed by at least 30%¹ with immediate effects on User Experience and conversion rate


Google Page Speed Score Improvement

As soon as it is installed, iSmartFrame will raise the Google Page Speed score above 85¹

Compliance with the latest Google ranking algorithm updates

 ISmartFrame is constantly updated according to the latest Google ranking algorithm updates to ensure maximum performance and compliance

¹ Average value obtained from active iSmartFrame instances

Medium to long-term results


Page ranking Boost

With iSmartFrame you can reach up to a 63% increase in the number of keywords in top 10 results at least 30 days after implementation

Organic traffic boost

As a consequence of iSmartFrame SEO optimizations and the SERP gains you will also experience an increase in organic traffic

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy Boost

ISmartFrame’s technical optimizations also have a major impact on conversion rate optimization. On the one hand, the significant increase in speed improves UX by increasing conversions; at the same time these optimizations determine an increase in the quality score of Google Ads², lowering the cost of ads

² The quality score is reported on a scale of 1-10 and includes expected click-through rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience.” (Google Ads Guide)

Only intelligent, rigorously tested and constantly updated solutions deliver consistent and reliable performance over time. Only solutions certified to guarantee the highest standards of availability and security allow you to compete at the highest levels and grow your business on digital channels.

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