Optimize Google Core Web Vitals

Why has optimizing Google Core Web Vitals become essential?

The times when technical SEO was a support activity, with the ambition to give at most a little momentum to placements, are increasingly distant. With the latest algorithm updates, Google has brought into play what is destined to become a cornerstone of SEO: with the Core Web Vitals the performance of the site, i.e. the speed and its real user experience become crucial factors to conquer the first positions. Do you want to be among those who will take advantage of this competitive advantage?


What are the factors that can improve the loading speed and consequently the Core Web Vitals score?

LCP, FID and CLS are the acronyms destined to create havoc in the world of SEO: these are the three metrics that big G considers fundamental, and respectively measure the loading time of the most significant content on a page, the time that elapses before being able to interact with the site and visual stability of the layout during loading.

The factors at play on the technical side that influence the Vitals, as you can imagine, are innumerable, as well as the technical problems that most of the sites suffer from. Some can be easily corrected, others are insidious, difficult even to diagnose and cannot be fixed by the SEO specialist alone because they require the involvement of the IT, web design and networking departments.


What if there was a tool capable of automatically fixing all the technical problems affecting the Core Web Vitals?

iSmartFrame Engine was born for this reason. Adopted by leading SEO agencies and professionals, its engine based on advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms is able to process and optimize all the main technical factors that impact on the improvement of Core Web Vitals.

How to improve the user experience and increase the conversion rate



Advanced optimization engine via AI

iSmartFrame Engine is equipped with an engine based on artificial intelligence, able to analyze the site and automatically process all the elements that require optimization.


100+ technical optimization tasks without touching the code

iSmartFrame Engine creates a frame cache that stands between client and server. Thanks to this it is able to optimize the site in depth without touching a single string of code


Advanced dashboard to monitor all optimization parameters

Thanks to an advanced dashboard with graphical interface and metrics in evidence, it is possible to monitor in real time all the optimized parameters and measure the improvement made by the tool



Improvement of the Core Web Vitals and the Google Pagespeed Insights score

The optimization of the Core Web Vitals leads to an improvement in the loading speed and increases the overall score of Google Pagespeed Insights even from 20-30 to 85-90.


Improvement of the SEO ranking

The impact of the optimization of the Core Web Vitals on the SEO ranking can be measured in a short time and with important numbers: after 60 days there is an increase in keywords in the Top 3 from + 30% to + 150%.


Time savings for manual optimizations

The automations activated by ISF Engine free SEO specialists and developers from manual optimization. Dozens of hours of work saved that can be devoted to the more strategic aspects of the project.

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Master Core Web Vitals and boost your business

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iSmartFrame is an incremental module platform, allowing anyone to choose the solution that best suits their performance and search engine positioning needs