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Why is using a CDN no longer enough?

The use of CDNs, especially in the e-commerce world, has long been an indispensable prerequisite for bringing the individual elements of a site closer to the end user. What are the elements that a CDN normally locates? Pictures and JS. 

Hardly anyone approaches HTML and CSS objects on a node. If distributing resources via local nodes brings undoubted advantages, especially following the latest updates of the Google algorithm, the problem remains that these resources are not optimized. 

So, a platform capable of optimizing HTML and CSS is essential. 

What is the next step in effective SEO?

An effective SEO strategy that really wants to affect performance and bring tangible results, cannot ignore the optimization of all resources. It is not enough to bring images and JS closer to the user, it is also necessary to include HTML and CSS and optimize all possible resources.  

These are capillary activities and time-spending, if not carried out through a platform that integrates optimization and distribution logics and criteria. 

There is a platform that in addition to the CDN has a resource optimization system

ISF CDN uses a proprietary high-performance infrastructure, which combines the CDN with an optimization engine that processes the site’s resources before they are distributed on the various nodes. The system also makes use of a network of distributed servers that allows you to efficiently manage peak loads. 



High performance CDN

ISF CDN is a high-performance one, capable of distributing large data streams at maximum speed. Loads are distributed with advanced criteria on all nodes globally, to ensure minimum latency time. 


Optimization not only of images and JS, but also of HTML and CSS files

Most CDNs optimize images and JS files; ISF CDN also works on HTML and CSS, moving this type of resources to the nodes as well, reducing the number of calls to the serverPerformance improvement is immediate. 


Customization of node distribution

Based on the specific needs of the customer, it is possible to activate new nodes in the areas indicated, thus ensuring the distribution of content in the vicinity of its users. 



Widespread distribution of optimized content

Being able to provide optimized content in the node closest to the user, all over the world, allows for a site with lighter resources and minimum latency time: in a word, a more performing site.  


Increase of the speed of the site and improvement of the User Experience

A drastic improvement in site speed immediately translates into a better user experience for potential customers. The average time on page in fact increases on average from + 10% to + 25%. 


Effects also important for SEO

LCP and TTFB are some of the Core Web Vitals impacted by an improvement in the distribution chain; the improvement in the loading speed increases the overall score of Google Pagespeed Insights and consequently the impact on SEO ranking. 

Master Core Web Vitals and boost your business

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