The most advanced SaaS solution for dynamic and continuous website performance optimization.

iSmartFrame is the most advanced SaaS solution for dynamic and continuous website performance optimization. An ecosystem of software tools and services driven by sophisticated AI algorithms, able to optimize each technical aspect of a website down to the last detail. Constantly updated in accordance with the latest Google algorithms, iSmartFrame has immediate effects on technical performance – especially Google Web Vitals – User Experience and Conversion Rate. 

iSmartFrame is aimed at larger companies and those with a clear focus on technological advancement: from multinationals of all industries, e-commerce websites interested in boosting conversions and improving SEO, to media, news and entertainment companies for whom every second counts.

Much more than a CDN: iSmartFrame integrates the CDN with a poxy optimization engine

Not just a CDN, but a proprietary Engine that carries out more than 100 optimization tasks and Data Center architecture that guarantees the maximum safety and operational continuity with a widespread international presence. iSmartFrame works as a cloud-based proxy optimizing HTML code “on the fly” without the need to install additional software or hardware components on the website, and without any modification to the existing code.

Code optimizations to boost download speed

iSmartFrame manages and lowers the number of requests and the reduces weight of any object loaded on the page using lossless image and format compression. The CSS code is concatenated or minified and this, along with other compression techniques and more than 100 optimization tasks performed by iSmartFrame, guarantees a minimum Google Pagespeed Insight of 85.

A powerful tool adaptable to any infrastructure

iSmartFrame is a technology-agnostic tool that can be implemented on almost any CMS in a non-invasive way: it acts as a mirror layer between client and server, without the need for complex integrations with the origin CMS. Where necessary, it integrates with the CDN already in use, reducing the technological impact on the website.

iSmartframe, the premium solution that makes website performance your growth driver


Speed, security and standardized delivery across the entire the company network

iSmartFrame is a unique solution, combining standard CDN functions with a proprietary SEO engine capable
of advanced optimizations both on the client and server side:


Better user experience

Faster site speed immediately translates into a better User experience: 53%¹ of visitors abandon a site when loading time exceeds 3 seconds

Business continuity

ISmartFrame is installed without any service disruption on your side and when fully operational it manages significant traffic peaks, guaranteeing an SLA of 99.95%

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) Ranking improvements

After 30 days there is an average increase of 63%² of keywords in top 10, with great effects on traffic

Always up to date

ISmartFrame is continuously updated to reflect the latest technologies and Google Updates, even the micro updates

Conversion rate improvements

ISmartFrame will boost your website loading speed by at least 30%², which will reflect immediately in the conversion rate: 0.1s faster mobile website loading can boost conversion by 8.4%² for online retailers and form submission by 21.6%²

Cost reduction

The standardized optimization distribution and automatic updates result in significant savings in maintenance time and costs

¹ It is estimated that 53% of visitors leave a site if the page takes more than 3 seconds to download. (

² Deloitte Digital Report Nov 2019


Much more than a CDN

The iSmartFrame integrated infrastructure is much more than a CDN: thanks to its advanced proprietary optimization engine integrated with the CDN and the load balancing system, it works on all the main aspects of technical SEO, semantic SEO and resource distribution. This significantly improves site performance, optimizing the parameters used by the Google ranking algorithms.

Caching and minification

ISmartFrame offers superior performance compared to traditional CDNs, partly thanks to the use of kCache2.0 which caches static pages using sophisticated AI algorithms. The system also provides the best content according to the user agent that made the request

HTTPS optimization

Some of the optimizations are aimed at reducing the TLS layer interaction and SSL handshake timing

API Layer for Purge management by URL and TAG

The iSmartFrame system provides a RESTful API layer that allows external systems to integrate with the application purge modules

IMAGE optimization

Use of new and more efficient compression formats that reduce the weight of images while maintaining the same quality

Mobile optimization

The implementation of iSmartFrame involves a process of optimizing website content to make it responsive and suitable for navigation on mobile devices

Details of the main optimizations performed by iSmartFrame


  • GZIP Compression: the global standard for data compression.
  • JS & CSS Minification: Minification dramatically improves site speed and accessibility, directly translating into a better user experience.
  • JS and CSS consolidation: reduces the number of http server requests by combining multiple files in a single resource.
  • Lossless Image compression in WEBP: images are automatically converted to the google webp format without any loss of quality.

Header HTML Configuration

  • Automatic title composition
  • Automatic microdata JSON-LD production for Product and Article: automatic creation and implementation of structured data for all the product and blog pages
  • Automatic Opengraph tags: automatic Opengraph tag creation with information for social networks


  • Automatic domain creation cookie-less for static objects
  • Automatic 404 page redirect

HTML & Images

  • HTML caching based on I.A. browser rules
  • Automatic creation of H1 & URL
  • Automatic optimization of menu tag
  • Compression for html and inline js/css
  • Check on HTML well format and data correction
  • Automatic assignment for ALT, TITLE, width, height
  • Related Product integration
  • Code injection: possibility to insert custom code without touching the source file
  • Page creation

System of automatic page adaptation to meet the continually changing requirements of Google Core Web Vitals

iSmartFrame is the only system capable of analyzing, identifying and optimizing how elements on the page are downloaded based on the priority for Google Core Web Vitals.

Web Vitals are the parameters through which Google assigns a User Experience quality score to web pages. Google has stated that these parameters – which are based primarily on the loading speed and visual stability of pages – will have a significant impact in determining the page ranking (SERP). The three main Web Vitals are:

LCP (Largest Contentful Paint)

measures loading performance (i.e., how long it takes for the largest item in the viewport to load). To provide a great user experience, LCP should occur within 2.5 seconds of when the page first starts loading.

FID (First Input Delay)

measures interactivity (i.e., how long it takes for the website to respond when a user clicks on something). To provide a great user experience, pages should have an FID of less than 100 milliseconds.

CLS (Cumulative Layout Shifting)

measures visual stability (i.e., whether or not the page jumps around as the user scrolls through the content). To provide a great user experience, pages should maintain a CLS of less than 0.1.

This, together with the other optimizations that iSmartFrame performs, makes it possible to obtain a very high Google Page speed score (you can easily reach 85/100¹), with immediate improvements in terms of user experience (+7%¹), conversion rate (+8,4%¹), form submissions (+21,6%¹) and ranking (+30%¹).

How iSmartFrame compares with other CDNs on the Market

Compared with other CDNs available on the market, iSmartFrame also integrates an optimization engine which it uses to perform advanced optimizations, reaching performance results superior to today’s market standards.

Learn more about iSmartFrame technical specifications

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