iSmartFrame cdn

Quickly distribute highly optimized content anywhere in the world.


iSmartFrame CDN is not simply a CDN able to guarantee a high performance. Before being distributed, all the resources are optimized to lighten the infrastructure load: not only images and JS, but also HTML and CSS are processed in depth to ensure unparalleled performance levels.


High-performance CDN

Loads are distributed globally with advanced processes across all nodes to ensure minimal latency.


Images, JS, HTML and CSS Optimization

iSmartFrame CDN optimizes not only images and JS but also HTML and CSS, distributing also this type of resources across the nodes.


Efficient cache management

iSmartFrame CDNs are managed on a cache layer placed between client and server in order to reduce the number of calls to the server and offer better performance.

CDN with smart load management

Distributing resources locally across proximity nodes significantly reduces latency. There are times, however, when spikes in requests on a node risk slowing down the data transfer. iSmartFrame CDN, thanks to a proprietary DNS integrated with a load balancing system, distributes requests equally across the entire server network, ensuring steady speed and unparalleled service.

Resource Optimization

Most CDNs only perform some optimizations on images and JS files. With iSmartFrame CDN all resources, including HTML and CSS, undergo numerous optimization processes before being distributed. Lighter and more limited resources mean lighter server load, greater efficiency, and speed.

Smart cache for top performances

Why ask the server for content that may already be available on a node? The iSmartFrame CDN smart cache, through a sophisticated algorithm based on artificial intelligence, is able to identify the most frequently requested contents and leave them available on the proximity nodes, so that the server will be emptier and the user who will be able to browse faster.

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