frequently asked questions

How does it work, are you in the cloud or you have physical locations?

We are both in the cloud and we have servers in physical locations. We act like a reverse proxy. 

Where do you have the Data Centers?

Wehaveboth cloud presenceacross the globe and physical locations on the major continents: San Paolo, Singapore, Frankfurt​, Amsterdam, Chicago​, Santa Clara​, Milano​, Paris​, London. We’ve planned to get about 30 CDN nodes by the end of 2022.

Do you have your own CDN?

We can integrate with any commercial CDN the customer is using. We are currently building our CDN for maximum performance but to not increase complexity we can work with the customer’s current one. ​ 

Do we install any software?  

No, iSF doesn’t impact on origin CMS so doesn’t need to install software or plugin on CMS server side. 

Any issues working with our CMS (magento etc) ?

No we are architecture agnostic, the only CMS we don’t work with is Shopify. ​ 

Do you take over the hosting of our website? 

No we do not do that, we host only our optimizations and the cached resources on our servers and will take off your servers the traffic load for the cached resources. 

Can there be any conflicts between caching?

We can turn off your caching or we can use your existing infrastructure as we integrate with all commercial CDNs. 

How do you manage/optimize marketing tags and integrations with external tools?

We don’t optimize this kind of integrations, because they rely on calls to external domains/systems that are not under iSF control.​ However, we can optimize the timing and order of the calls to ensure that their impact on the page loading time is the lower possible.​ 

I have a third level domain (eg: is it managed by the top domain iSF instance?

No, third level domains need dedicated iSF instances setup.​ 

Has iSmartFrame Server Side Rendering capabilities?

Not yet, but we are working on it​. 

Is iSmartFrame applicable to site with client-side rendering technology (eg: Angular)?

Yes, but with limited functionalities. It can still optimize images and some css/js, but to work properly it needs the HTML to be rendered at least partially, in particular to apply SEO optimization. 

What are the benefits of iSF on business for e-commerce customers?

From our experience some of our partners experienced a better positioning and revenue increase coming from increasing sales of the products that were not appearing in SERP. ​Research shows that faster speed is linked to better conversion rate​. 

Does Mobile W-Lan speed test results should be the same as desktop Wlan?  

Users are using mobile as their primary browser device so it is important that the performance on mobile are as high as those on the desktop. 

Does iSmartFrames have A/B testing capabilities?

We do not have A/B testing capabilities but you can bypass the pages you want to do the A/B testing on for as long as you need it​.

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